Special Rate Categories

If you are registering under the following categories, additional information is required to verify your eligibility for these categories. You will need to provide the information below during registration. Some categories require additional information to be submitted to the Customer Service Center by email or by fax (703-818-6425).

Nonmember Non-Oncology Postdoctoral Resident or Fellow, including Internal Medicine Residents; Nonmember Student

Provide the information below during the online registration process.

  • Name of institution
  • Program Director/Dean/Registrar of School
  • Phone number of Program Director/Dean/Registrar
  • Email of Program Director/Dean/Registrar
  • Year program is expected to be completed

Nonmember Genetic Counselor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician Assistant, Research Assistant, Social Worker

Provide the information below during the online registration process.

  • U.S. License #
  • U.S. License State


  • ONS Member #

If you are not licensed or not licensed in the US, register online and submit a copy of your credentials by fax (703-818-6425) or email.

Credentials include a copy of a non-U.S. license, a business card, or a letter, on institution stationery, stating your role as a genetic counselor, nurse, pharmacist, physician assistant, research assistant, or social worker. Your registration will not be confirmed until your credentials have been received and verified.